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temperature records were broken or tied. >> the chances of texas seeing another drought, colorado seeing another epic year of wild fires, all of these things become far more likely. >> reporter: in wisconsin, residents have been banned from watering their lawns and in california, firefighters are on edge. >> we don't have any rain that's going to wet everything down. we get lightning strikes on top of the hills, desert floor and fire starts all over the place. >> reporter: some areas of the south and southwest are getting relief. >> this time of the year, in that part of the country, when it rains it pours and almost always leads to flash flooding. >> reporter: this rain is what neighboring states to the north are still waiting for. >> i assume some day it will rain. we are running out of time. >> reporter: another heat wave is coming through the midwest next week. luckily it won't be as intense as the one we saw earlier this month. >>> a hot topic that caught our attention today, certainly caught yours on line about 20 moms held a nurse in outside of a water park near denver after emplo
. smaller cities like fort worth taxest -- texas they saw the highest. the rent is going up. >>> and the 4th of july may be independence day but it's the biggest day for barbecue. you paid $59.14 for groceries. that's down $2 from last year. >>> cookouts, pool parties and fireworks, a great time to hang out. it's also important to be safe. what you need to know to stay safe. that's tonight on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. >>> the trial has been set for the man accused of killing her son and loafing the scene of the crime. matthew cheswick's mom talks. >>> triple digits for the next three or more days. there's more than 75,000 still without power. now they're coping, five days in the dark. >> the man police say killed her son is set for trial in december. is celia roe hopes diogo facchini pleads guilty. the trial will be torture for her family. if she had a chance to face facchini in the eye, she would say something that many couldn't. >> reporter: it's been 37 days since matthew cheswick's death but in that short time his mother has doesn
south as well, right through wednesday, we like that, the big storms burglaring, east texas through new orleans, a real tough travel in the airports tonight. >>> tomorrow, your 2-degree guarantee, just 86 degrees, seasonallable, even a little cooler than average, we like it that way. tomorrow night down to 67, partly cloudy, maybe an isolated storm, here is your 7- day forecast as the numbers remain in the upper 70s and 80s, the bottom line is we probably don't get back to 90 or some intense heat until sunday into next week with luck that looks to be a shorter lived heat event and it probably will heat up again the week after this. >> 80 is good. >> we like the 80s this week, it's a good week to go on vacation. >>> and 2012 news tonight, after ending bush era tax cut two years ago, president obama is making his message clear today when he called for an extension on tax cuts, again, this time only for the middle class, tory dunning is live in washington with what the candidates have to say about the taxes. >> reporter: this is a battle of the middle class, and an issue president obama sa
was bumper high. in texas lightning killed two spectators sitting under a tree at a soccer game. >> i heard what sounded like a bomb go off. it was like sparks and fire. >> reporter: near phoenix, a summertime dust storm called a haboob. >> look at this massive haboob coming our way. >> now storms in the middle of the country after this fourth heat wave passes. today there are red flag fire warnings and heat advisories spanning the met. 13 states are and some kind of alert. over the next three days the oven like conditions will move east affecting washington, d.c. type above the. the-- to boston. reporting live in new york, scott goldsburg. >> starting to sound like a broken record. >>> 50 people are homeless tonight after sunday morning's early morning fire. two apartment billings were seriously damaged. firefighters needed four hours to get it under control. they are still investigating the cause tonight. >>> baltimore county volunteer fire companies are warning about a telemarketer scam. apparently telemarketers are calling people saying they're with the baltimore county firefighters as
, louisiana, texas to the outer banks of north carolina. not a moving front, just a stationary front that will kind of shift a little bit, 50, 75 miles in each direction. there's an area of low pressure that has spun up along that boundary and that is spinning in a little bit of unsettled air, allowing for a few showers around maryland, but not any robust thunderstorm action. as we look at the next 24 hours here, you can see most of the action will stay to the south. as we check out the future temps, tomorrow will be warm again, very summerlike, but not excessive heat. we do see signs of excessive heat in st. louis. around here, we still look for upper 80's. overnight, 67 with a few stray showers. 88 tomorrow. but, again, hotter in the heart of the city. tomorrow night, down to 65 with some pretty comfortable temperatures. seven-day forecast, a few tweaks here for you. we have bumped up the numbers just a little bit as we go into the ladder part of the weekend and early next week. so that is the trend right now. >> it feels really thick out there today. >> the humidity, believe it or
-raisers in texas. we know that's a long shot to win that state. regardless of that, he's raying money in the lone star state. >> thank you. we will see you tomorrow. let's check out the first couple showing a little bit of love. the obamas went to a basketball game last night and ended up on the kiss cam -- not once, but twice. the first time camera shy. the second time puckered up and gave the first lady a relly big kiss. >>> the heat is back and so are the peak rewards. and how long you can expect your air conditioner to be affected. >> a look at the changing face of cataracts. those stories and more at 6:00. here's a preview of what's ahead at 6:30. here's diane sawyer. >> a secret society of successful people. how do they have more energy and make a lot of money. is there something you don't know about, and it's called viagra for the brain. see it on world news. wççÑçÑ >>> who doesn't love a bonus. that's one reason credit cards with loyalty rewards have about so popular but most people aren't taking advantage of them. brian kelly said max migs the programs takes more strategy than a swi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6